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Table of Hardware

This is the main Table of Hardware, listing devices.

Using the Table of Hardware

Model Name SoC Device Page Support OpenWrt Support LEDE Note
MZK-WNH RT3050F 14.07, 15.05, trunk supported
MZK-W300NH2 RT3052F 14.07, 15.05, trunk supported
MZK-750DHP(DHP2) MT7620A mzk-750dhp 14.07, 15.05, trunk supported
MZK-1200DHP(DHP2) RTL8197D no no
MZK-WG300NX RTL8198 no no
MZK-WG300FF14 RTL8198 no no
MZK-MF150 RT3050F no no
MZK-MF300N3 RTL8196E no no
DB-WRT01 MT7620A trunk supported
DB-WEX01 MT7620A
MZK-EX300NP MT7620A trunk supported
MZK-EX750NP MT7620A trunk supported
MZK-RP150N RTL8196C no no
MZK-UE150N RTL8196EU no no
MZK-DP150N RT5350F trunk supported
MZK-UE450AC RTL8881AM no no
VPN-41FE RT6856F no no
VR500 MT7621A
MZK-WDPR RT3050F trunk supported
PXH11RWA RTL8196C no no
CS-QR10 MT7620A trunk supported
CS-QR20 MT7620A
FXG-05RPT AR8327 no no
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